15 Actionable BIG Business Lessons From a Restaurant – CLS012

By Corbin Links


Sidenote: The original show title was “7 BIG Business Lessons Learned in Restaurants”. But when I sat down to do it, the tips just flowed and flowed until I got to 15—and forced myself to stop. So today’s show isn’t a comprehensive list of stuff learned in my first jobs, but DOES include a lot of them.

That said…

One of my first “corporate” jobs, was working for a large restaurant chain. Sure, I’d spent years before that actually eating at restaurants; but working in one was a whole different world!

Since my business skills were a bit …er….limited at the time, restaurants presented a way to make a bit of money.

My first role was a dishwasher. I must admit that my first 2–3 months washing dishes were not happy. And that was a problem.

Because my attitude showed. It rubbed off on others, and I was at risk of becoming just another body in a very long change of dishwashers.

One day I suddenly realized—my behavior is not changing anything. Each day is the same because I’m the same. Let’s try something different…

And the rest is business history. Changing my attitude allowed me to learn, absorb, and most important apply crucial lessons that have served me well decades later.

Today I’ll share a big 15 ACTIONABLE Business Lessons from working multiple roles in restaurants. Guaranteed that at least one of them, consistently applied, can have a big impact in your life and business.

What You Will Learn

  • That ONE thing that impacts everything else in your job, life, or business (it MAY not be what you think…)
  • Do you really need to have your own business to be your own independent business person? The answer may surprise you…
  • How to give yourself a raise, without raising your business income.
  • How any business can serve many more clients or customers without increasing head count.
  • How to push your clients right out the door (and why you may not want to do this…)
  • How to always know who the single, most important client in the world is.

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