5 Must-Ask Questions to Define Your Target Market – CLS018

By Corbin Links

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Today, I’m continuing a walk through my upcoming Coaching Business Quick Start Course. In case you missed it, the goal of this series is to walk through my new course end-to-end and module by module. When this series is complete, I’ll have shared about 40% of the course content for f-r-e-e.

Of course, if you want to fast-track your way to the 30-day program and get 100% of the content, well….

You’ll just have to join the course.

If you’ve been wondering what the course will look like, what it contains, and most importantly—what it can do for you—today is the day. Layout, structure, what’s included—everything. Release date announcements are coming up next week.

Whether you jump all over my new course or not, there’s lots to learn in this series:

Today, You Will Learn…

  1. A full module-by-module layout of my upcoming coaching business course. (If you listen carefully, you’ll find a hidden lesson about course design…)

  2. Then, pick up where we left off last week and resume with an overview of my famous “7 Things Lesson”.

  3. 5 Must-Ask Questions to Define Your Target Market.

  4. I’ll talk about how to apply the material from last week’s BIO Plan exercise (you did do the BIO Plan exercise, right?).

  5. And a bit more.

Big agenda today so let’s just dive in!

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