5 Things Virtual Assistants Do Not Want You to Know – CLS040

By Corbin Links

Today I’m tackling another side of the virtual assistant business.

Like any business—as with coaching or anything else—there’s great and not-so-great things about it. And since Tim Ferriss’ famous “4 Hour Work Week” came out, the Internet has been abuzz about virtual assistants.

But the concept goes back a LOT farther than that, pretty much to the dawn of the web itself. Many different names for it; remote worker, web guy or gal, contractor, etc. But all amounts to the same thing: someone who does work for you somewhere OTHER than your physical location.

And it seems attractive, this idea of outsourcing a lot of your tasks to virtual teams and workers. And it can be in many situations, IF you tightly manage it and are willing and able to put in the wok needed to get the right folks.

But if you’re new to working with virtual assistants, or maybe been hearing about it for years and thinking about taking the plunge, THIS is your podcast. I’ll share a few things to be aware of.

Now full disclaimer: our firm has worked with many virtual assistants in various capacities over the years. Despite the title, this is not a big negative on the VA business. I’ll share a few real world points without the internet marketing spin on it, and what our firm and many of our coaching clients have experienced in this area.

So grab a notebook and your favorite beverage (or pump up the volume if you’re running or working out) and let’s hit it!

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