6 Ways to Increase Client Buy-off of Your Consulting Solutions – BYB025

By Corbin Links


You meet with the client, you get clear on the clients’ needs, you start a new project, you spend time developing consulting solutions . . . maybe the client is interested, maybe even committed . . . but then they decide otherwise.

How’s that for frustrating?

More to the point, if this situation comes up too often, it can be career-damaging. Consulting and coaching portfolios are based on results obtained from YOUR direct efforts . . . I’ve got a 6-point framework to dramatically improve your client acceptance rate, and get them moving on your solutions, you won’t want to miss this week’s Bangin’ Your Business Segment.

When it comes to hair loss, is there anything you can do nutritionally to treat or prevent it? I get this question a lot; it’s a common thread not only for men but women as well. You want to know if there are alternatives to potions, pills, and surgeries — I’ve got you covered in the Bangin Your Health Segment.

There are several alternative and natural treatments for hair loss and even discoloration or graying. No guarantees of course, and full disclaimers apply, but I’ll share a few tips that just might help.

Are you suffering from Email Overload?

How do those seemingly endless email threads affect your productivity? I’m talking about those times when you send out something specific, get a reply with questions, answer the questions, get more questions, and suddenly you are in an endless loop of replies. I call this “mail topic saturation” and I have a 5-point system to decrease or outright eliminate that endless mail back and forth.

What you will learn

  • The common causes of hair loss.
  • Natural and alternative hair loss treatments you should consider.
  • Rosemary and Olive Oil: they’re good for more than just cooking up Italian meals!
  • How to stop those endless email threads dead in their tracks.
  • Why your clients are not implementing your recommendations. 6 most common objections, and 6 answers to boost your solution acceptance rates by 75% or more!

We’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s go!

Listen up!



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