7 Keys to Achieving High Performance Health

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Unlock your keys to:

  1. Gaining high performance health
  2. Weight loss and ongoing weight management
  3. Healthy travel
  4. Greater business and personal productivity
  5. Reduce your “down time”, maximize your “up time”
  6. Healthy Habit-forming tips and tools
  7. Adding quick things to your daily routine that deliver huge benefits


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I used to manage a health food store years ago so I have some knowledge about health and nutrition. However, we sometimes don’t always stick to things we know are best for us, so I wanted to thank you for reminding me about the importance of these things in your podcasts.

I am now ingesting probiotics, Bragg apple cider vinegar, and Concentrace Trace Minerals twice per day, and I already feel a big difference.

Thanks for the reminders! We all need them sometimes.
– John Russo

So far, I am doing 1. Mineralised Water, 2. Brazil Nuts, 3. ProBiotics, 4. limited stairs! Love these health tips. My wife and I have recently cut seriously back on sugars also, almost to zero and it is helping too.

Keep it coming.

– Matt, Australia

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