7 Steps to Owning Your Own Consulting Business – BYB012

By Corbin Links


I’ve talked a lot in recent episodes about clients, billing, profits, RFP, and other consulting topics. But what about the most fundamental question: what do you really need to start a consulting business?

The list of things you actually need to start consulting, is quite small——7, in fact.

What’s even more important is what the list doesn’t include. If you’ve found yourself spinning your wheels, or unable to get big firms to work with you, check out today’s episode.

In the Bangin’ Your Health segment, we’ll talk about where over 80% of all sickness and disease is generated, and what to do about it.

Plus, morning routines and “rituals” are all the productivity craze these days. (Just like they were in Ben Franklin’s day——even before that!) I’ll cover the keys of all highly productive morning routines, with concrete examples.

Let’s dive in:

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