7 Strategies to Keep Up With-Or Stay Ahead of-Industry Trends – CLS004

By Corbin Links


As consultants, coaches, leaders, and subject matter experts, we’re expected to be:

  • “on top of our game”
  • “in step / tune with our industry”
  • “ahead of the curve”
  • “have the answers”
  • and a lot of other things

Sounds reasonable right? After all, clients are paying us to be the expert voice.

But it’s challenging isn’t it? With all the other activities we have, including managing money, staff, clients, delivery, administration, automation, errands, planning, strategy, travel, and a host of other factors: how do we keep up? How do we keep that “step ahead” and our “go-to expert” personas?

Information overload and keeping up with—ideally ahead of—our industries is a job in and of itself. But clients expect it, and we should expect it of ourselves.

So today, I’m sharing 7 Strategies to Keep Up—Or Stay Ahead Of—Industry Trends.

What You Will Learn

  • What happened to transcripts, our podcast feeds, and a few quick housekeeping items.
  • 7 KEY Strategies to tame information overload, regain focus, and kick procrastination to the curb.
  • Why “looking back” (in history) can be even more important than trying to “look forward”.
  • Counterintuitive tips to get ahead—and stay ahead—in your industry.
  • Why it is important to keep detailed records of your past projects.
  • My 3 most powerful “go to” sources in digital media.

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About the Author

Corbin Links --> Data Security and Enterprise Workflow Automation Specialist, API Integrator, Identity Access Management (IAM / IdM) Consultant and "Other Duties as Required"