7 Ways to Create Win-Win Coaching Agreements – BYB028

By Corbin Links


You’re signing your very first, or maybe your 100th coaching deal. Great!

Now comes the difficult contract or “agreement” part where you and your new client have to sign off on something. The quality, content, and specificity of your client coaching or consulting agreements can make or break your whole sale.

Fortunately, there’s a way through all this with a win/win coaching agreement. Following the seven-point plan I’m going to share in this episode, you can increase the acceptance of your signed coaching or consulting agreements and keep it a win/win process for everyone.

Now, I’m going to do something different today for the health and productivity segment. I’m going to combine them together. The whole idea started with a recent question I got from a colleague. He said, “Corbin, how do you pull all those 15- to 17-hour days and just keep right on going? You never seem to go down. You never seem to get sick. You just keep right on pumping through.”

Well, this comes up a lot, and it got me to thinking. How about we talk about a lucky 13 list of tips, what I call my marathon power day strategies direct from the Bangin’ Your Business playbook. With these strategies in hand, you will power through the most demanding of days without pills, prescriptions, or other unhealthy options.

Sound good? Let’s dive in.

What you will learn

  • 7 steps to a winning coaching project agreement
  • My lucky 13-point ‘secret’ in achieving high productivity and keeping me healthy at all times
  • How I routinely power through 15 – 17 hour work days – without sacrificing my health!
  • How to get even more Bangin’ Your Business
  • And more of everything

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