7 Ways to Find and Keep a Steady Stream of Coaching Clients – BYB026

By Corbin Links

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Do you have a consulting, coaching, or services business? Want to know how and where to find clients? If you’re like most of us in services, maintaining client growth is always top of mind. We all want a steady stream of coaching clients!

Well today I have 7 time-tested strategies and ways to find and engage clients. Many of these methods may not surprise you, but we all can use reminders when faced with so much internet stuff about this or that technology——or social media tool. We’ll talk what WORKS now, and what has worked for millennia!

Diving into health, we’ll visit one of my all-time favorite wonder plants. This thing has most everything, both internal and topical. It’s resilient, relatively easy to grow, self-healing, and body-good. Treat hair loss, acne, circulatory issues, wrinkles and more.

With our supercharged health and business underway, we’ll boost our productivity with an article I wrote back in 2013. This is one of the top 2 – 3 strategies (aside from shifting my mental focus) that changed my business life, productivity, and income for ever (or at least the past 11 years). I called this article “Productivity Secret of the Ancients” for an important reason. Let’s hear why…

Can’t wait to share it with you so let’s dive in!

What you will learn

  • My 8 top favorite uses for the aloe vera plant. (Bet you’ll find at least one new one!)
  • 7 time, battle, and success-tested methods for getting, booking, and keeping coaching clients. Keeping a steady stream of consulting and coaching clients is possible all day long once you know the “secrets”.
  • Productivity Secrets of the Ancients are revealed.__
  • Why cold calling isn’t quite dead.

Listen up!



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