(Looking for bio / backstory stuff? Just keep on scrolling. But first, I’ll respect your time and show what’s in it for you.)

Build and Scale a Profitable IAM Program, Consulting, Coaching, or Service-Based Business FAST

What’s in it for you?

Simply this—CorbinLinks.com website, podcast, consulting, tools, and resources are here for one purpose:

Level up your business, health and life. In an actionable, get-it-done, “no woo woo fluff” kind of way.

The guiding principle of this site is:

Great Health + Great Business + Supercharged Productivity = Amazing Life

Plus access to the premier Business Power Podcast: The Corbin Links Show.

  • Each episode is a deep-dives on topics of interest to business, technical, health, and life coaches and consultants.
  • Business, strategy, and productivity articles with my own unique (but field-tested and battle-proven) results-driven perspective.
  • Results-based, battle-tested tools, strategies, and training. NOTE: Only SOME of the available training is published on this site. Lots of stuff I don’t—or cannot—share publicly, is only available to members of the Corbin Links VIP List.

CorbinLinks.com IS for you if:

  • You’re action-oriented and results driven. Fluff is just so not your thing.
  • You love business, and helping others reach their goals.
  • You either ARE, or PLAN to be the go-to person in your industry or niche.
  • You’re that special guy or gal who is always “sharpening the saw”, or seeking a better way to do something.
  • You’re open to new ideas and unconventional wisdom and tools that just plain work.
  • You are starting out in coaching or consulting and want to avoid bears, lions, and pitfalls.
  • You’re not afraid of hard work, and you have a keen sense of personal responsibility.
  • You have an established business to level up 2X or 100X.
  • You like money, think it’s a good thing, and want your business to have more of it.

CorbinLinks.com is NOT for you if:

  • You’re negative, closed-minded, or have victimhood disease.
  • You have little or no work ethic. (Unless, you’re here to get one, then that’s ok!)
  • You’re unwilling to do the work (and homework) required to take your business and life to the next level.
  • You’re allergic to honesty, self reliance, accountability, or folks who “tell it like it really is.”
  • You’re not into business, helping others, and being productive.
  • You’re not into maintaining—or boosting—your health. (Hint: I’m also a nutrition nut and cannot resist the notion that health+business+productivity are TIGHTLY related…)

For full access to the full buffet of insider tools, videos, articles, members-only podcasts, and more, you have to go full-on VIP (membership is “free” but not cheap…)

You in? Ready to get serious?


Now for a deeper dive:

Done all that?

Ok. Onward—

My name is Corbin Links. I was conceived, then later born in…

(wait, you probably didn’t come here for that…)

Ok, trying again:

My name is Corbin Links. A successful coach who as been building and running a large and profitable coaching business for several years. I want to help you do the same—and beyond.


A smidgen of business bio:

  • 20+ years in big business and government consulting. (As in BIG projects with 6–9 figure budgets.) And with some organizations you may be familiar with, such as Disney, Microsoft, Cisco, and the US Government to name but a handful.)
  • 17+ years as a high-earner business coach. (I consult to really big organizations, and coach leaders and members of businesses.)
  • Keynote speaker, author, business, and technical trainer.
  • Host of The Corbin Links Show, and other shows before that.

Short-form life story:

  • Born & raised on the west coast.
  • Took well into my late teenage years to get serious about any particular profession. Then spent some of my early 20’s making really, REALLY sure I was ready to get serious…
  • Tried a big old list of j-o-b-s including (but not limited to):
    • Landscaper (was also one of my first businesses).
    • Commercial office mover.
    • Packing and shipping beer bottles
    • Packaging and shipping software (not at the same plant as the beer, but who’s to say if a beer or two may have been around during the software packaging…)
    • Clerical positions (office / filing / light accounting / etc. Think “virtual assistant” without the “virtual”…)
    • Collections officer (true story: I was fired from that job for being “too nice”. I know, right?)
    • Security officer (badges, guns, cars, cameras oh my!)
    • Security operations manager (the guys who actually RUN the security company.)
    • Used car salesman (Don’t hold it against me. I was actually pretty good at it and quite ethical. Unfortunately, having ethics didn’t sit well with the sales manager and I ended up leaving that job after 7 weeks.)
    • Catalog sales (seasonal – as in answering a big bank of hand-held phones with cords in them.)
    • “Retail sales” (spent most of that time stocking the shelves and back rooms.)
    • Commodities broker (smile and dial!) Tried it as a side gig once for about 3 weeks…then couldn’t run out of there fast enough.)
    • All possible restaurant positions, including manager (check CLS Episode 012 for some stories and business lessons from this time.)
    • Started my career-career (after a bunch of early false starts) in IT support.
    • And then of course, all things IAM, IT, business, coaching, consulting, and technical…

Non job-ish stuff:

  • Happily married
  • Gained a whole bunch of weight, got super-sick (for several years), had a major health crash-and-burn, and got seriously into health and healing (and became a nutritionist—for fun…)
  • Click and scroll for ‘before and after’ pics
  • I’ve lived in multiple states
  • Traveled a lot, met a lot of folks, did a bunch of events
  • And my favorite: “other duties as required”

Stuff I love to do

  • Consult / coach / advise / help others do big things
  • Teach and train
  • Find creative ways to get things done
  • Automating anything I have to do more than once…(my clients especially love this trait when applied to their enterprise business systems…)
  • Programming stuff — JS, Groovy, Bash, Java and whatever else hits me at the time, or is needed for client project
  • Research numerous business, health, nutrition, and tech topics
  • Travel, hike, explore—especially into cool and interesting road trips
  • Interact with the dizzying number of semi-exotic animals here in Florida
  • Read, read, read
  • Write, write, write
  • Speak and podcast
  • Create and sell products
  • Invest in and manage digital assets, including crypto
  • Consume podcasts (I listen to roughly 13+ hours of podcasts per week)
  • Meet and work with interesting, positive, highly-motivated professionals
  • Sharpen my saw
  • Go shopping with my wife

Secret Corbin factoid:

I don’t watch news, own no cable and have not been to a movie theater since 2017.

Where the heck do I get my news then? How do I even know what’s going on in the world? How do I have the audacity to call myself a real coach while simultaneously living in ignorance of network news?

Glad you asked! Check the details —>here.

I could go on, but the site mission is to help YOU, dear reader.

And now, back to you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:

  • Subscribe to The Corbin Links Show. Be sure to fully SUBSCRIBE to the show, so you get all the back episodes, including Season 1.

What you say? You’ve already DONE all that? You want more more more?

Then maybe…just maybe…

You’re ready to UP your business game and invest in some coaching.

If you’re bold enough to ask for one of just a handful of coaching slots per year, then head over to my coaching page and book an appointment.