Ash Maurya on Starting and Running a Lean Business – CLS035

By Corbin Links


Over the past two seasons, I’ve featured brain hackers, productivity masters, growth hackers, one-page marketer maestros and now….one of the premier experts on startups and lean business.

Well, today I’m joined by none other than Ash Maurya, best-selling author of “Running Lean” and the upcoming book “Scaling Lean” due out in mid-June. Ash’s work has been featured in…well…pretty much anywhere in the startup and lean business space. Ash is considered a go-to expert in the area and teaches principles from his books, businesses, and workshops to entrepreneurs all around the world.

I’m super-pumped to have the opportunity to talk with Ash today! Grab a notepad and your favorite beverage (unless you’re running or driving or something) and join me for the interview.

What You’ll Learn

  • How today’s startup scene has changed from the go-go days of Silicon Valley 1.0
  • How to summarize your business plan in a single page using Ash’s Lean Canvas tool and system
  • How to develop products and services that people really want to buy
  • The REAL product of your startup or business (hint: it’s not the “solution” you’re building)
  • What you should love instead of your shiny new solution
  • Why, where, and how to engage today’s modern customer
  • How to decide if your defined problem is really worth solving—or if you should try something else instead
  • What startups should tackle FIRST—before anything else
  • How Ash lives his teachings through his products, services, and book launches
  • All about Ash’s first book “Running Lean” and his latest book “Scaling Lean”
  • What martial artists and entrepreneurs have in common
  • And a whole bunch more

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