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Corbin Links -- Business Growth and Automation Consultant, Trainer, Author, BMI Nutritionist, Health Nut, Podcaster, Blogger, and Other Duties as Required.

High Performance Elixir Recipes

By Corbin Links

Get Your Performance On! One of my top questions goes a little something like this… …”Corbin, how can I boost my energy, business, performance, and concentration in a healthy, non-junky-store-bought way?” My best answer is to pack in at least one performance elixir per day. No fillers, chemicals, dyes, or drugs. Just good ol’ nutrition! […]

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What to Do When Clients Want to Leave You – CLS051

By Corbin Links

I’ve been getting a few questions lately from consultants asking about client renewals. Why don’t their clients renew with them? How come contracts don’t get extended or renewed? Why no call backs from previous clients? If you’ve been in this business for more than 5 minutes, you’ve come across this issue. Things are going really […]

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