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How I’d Setup My Business If Starting From Scratch – CLS041

By Corbin Links

How would I setup my business if starting all over again? Right now—today—from scratch? Great question from one of our coaching clients and really got me to thinking. Sure, I coach people on how to do this very thing and I even have “from scratch” business courses. But it’s a WHOLE LOT different when applying these lessons to my own life and business.

After thinking about this a bit (and making my poor client wait for an answer…), I came up with an answer. And it’s here on this show, along with practical field-tested strategies for YOUR business.

Hit the play button and let’s dive in!

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How to Deal with Brain Pickers – CLS039

By Corbin Links

I’ve recently had a few ‘pick-my-brain’ type of requests, plus consultants asking me how they should handle it. If you’re a coach, consultant, or any acknowledged expert—even if you’re not paid as an expert in that area—you WILL get approached by brain pickers, maybe a LOT of the time. A brain picking request may take […]

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Ash Maurya on Starting and Running a Lean Business – CLS035

By Corbin Links

Over the past two seasons, I’ve featured brain hackers, productivity masters, growth hackers, one-page marketer maestros and now….one of the premier experts on startups and lean business. Well, today I’m joined by none other than Ash Maurya, best-selling author of “Running Lean” and the upcoming book “Scaling Lean” due out in mid-June. Ash’s work has […]

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