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By Corbin Links

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It’s questions and ACTIONS Friday!

Today’s question comes from Nick, who writes:

“I’ve got a small business coaching practice and do ok with offline referrals. A friend in the 500+ super networker category says I gotta use LinkedIn. He says he gets business there, but never gets specific.

I wonder: Is it worth spending time on LinkedIn and will I get a return?”

Nick, thanks for your question and I’ve often wondered the very same thing!

I’ve been on LinkedIn for years, maybe 2–3 months after their site went live.

The first two years my profile was up, I didn’t do too much with it except tweak the text when someone sent a connection invite—or when I remembered to stop by.

Fast forward a bit—in the past 2 years or so, I’ve done a bit more with my account. And as of 2016, I have some very definite thoughts on the use of LinkedIn for coaches and consultants, and a few suggestions to get the most bang for your buck.

This is another info-packed but short-form show, so let’s get cookin’…

What You Will Learn

  • A direct answer to Nick’s question: should he use LinkedIn at all? And why or why not?
  • The three–and only three–main reasons to consider using LinkedIn, especially if you’re just starting out.
  • How much time—exactly—should you spend on your LinkedIn profile. (Plus my suggested tool to make short work of it and build a client-inducing profile.)
  • Do all the LinkedIn “super networkers” (those folks with the big “500++ connections”) really do a lot of business there? If so, how much direct cash money does it equate to?
  • The main two things LinkedIn is used for today. (And they may not be what you were hoping to hear.)
  • One other way to think about using LinkedIn, which can help boost your Internet-facing exposure.
  • And of course, since it’s “Questions and ACTIONS” Friday, there is homework to do…

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And now back to the show!

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