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By Corbin Links


We are in the second week of our new Friday Questions and ACTIONS edition of The Corbin Links Show. Today I’ve got a whopper of a question that I’ll try to break down into three-starter pieces.

Tracy asks about going pro with her custom event planning business. She also asks about needing a business plan—or should she just respond to work as it comes up? How to make and receive money doing what she loves? And a couple other things as well.

All great questions and ones we can all relate to at some point in our business journeys. I’ll share a few thoughts and 3 specific next steps to move forward with your idea.

Let’s get it started!

What You Will Learn

  • How to decide if you need a business plan. If so, what should it include?
  • How friends and family demand may not indicate market demand—and what to do instead.
  • How to create a quick, but maintainable and useful business plan.
  • Fast-track tips for validating your business.
  • Super fast and simple way to accept payments for any product or service business.
  • Your weekend homework and action steps.

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