Business Tasks: DIY, Delegate, or Automate? – BYB009

By Corbin Links


When it comes to business tasks, is it DIY, delegate, automate——or all of them? What works best, and in which situations?

I deliver massive-scale automation to businesses big and small. But when it comes to my own life and business? Well…sometimes, it’s been easier to help others.

If you’re in the same boat, and ever wonder “just where do I start?”——this show is for you.

Featured topics include:

  • Key #4 of the 7 Keys to Achieving High-Performance Health. If you’ve been joining me for the last few episodes, you’ve heard the program overview, “Step 0,” and the first 3 steps——or keys——to high-performance health. I’m reading through the book in order, so if you haven’t purchased a copy yet, just keep on listening. (Hint: I’m covering the very same material from my book PLUS a bit of commentary in this series.)
  • DIY, Delegate, Automate, or “Hybridize” Your Tasks. We all have tons of things to do. How many times a day do we hear ourselves say to each other “I’m so busy!” / “I can’t keep up!”/ “Too much to do!” Today’s show will shed a bit of light on this struggle, and a few strategies from both the big biz and personal worlds. Topics include:
    • What is task automation? (And pros / cons)
    • When it is better to automate than delegate? Or automate instead of hire?
    • Just because something can be done, should it be done?
    • How does task size and breadth affect the automation / manual /shared work decision?
    • Sample tools and systems to automate big parts of your day without delegating or outsourcing.
    • How desktop tools combined with cloud tools can make short work of complex tasks.
    • And…more….
  • I love a good segue——don’t you? Today’s Bangin’ Your Productivity segment has a real-world example of most concepts covered in the Feature Segment. I use it each and every day to “outsource” tasks. You’ve probably heard about it, but I bet you could be getting MUCH more out of it. Stay tuned to find out more.

And in huge late-breaking announcements….

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