9 Tips to Thrive and WIN in Long Business Meetings – BYB005

By Corbin Links


A note about show notes…

During the Bangin’ Your Business launch period, I’m including a “semi-transcript” of each show. The notes are detailed and have about 75% fidelity with the audio content.

However, there are content, rhythm and flow differences between the show and its notes. They are not a word-for-word match: but very close. You’ll want to listen and read to catch all the details. The notes are intended as more or less as full-length feature articles.

And even more good news: transcripts are coming! Keep listening for more details.

On with the show!

What You Will Learn

  • What is zero-assumption baselining – and how to do this
  • Tips in getting your brain into a morning exercise
  • Benefits of free-form writing
  • Tools that can aid you in your early morning journaling
  • Helpful guide to survive in long business meetings

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