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15 Tips for Winning More Freelancing Projects

By Corbin Links

This article is aimed at freelance designers and developers who want more freelancing projects. (And who doesn’t want more business!)

If you’ve ever lost a bid——or you want to win MORE bids——this article can help you beat the competition.

I’ve worked with dozens of freelance web design and developers over the years. I’ve learned a lot from these projects, and would like to share what clients are really looking for.

Even more importantly, what clients are *not* looking for.

If you’re a client firm, this article could save you tons of hours and thousands of dollars on your next project.

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How Do You Know What’s Going On?

By Corbin Links

A couple years ago, I was having a phone conversation with a colleague about some data we were using for a project. The sources provide — among other things — company names and information. My colleague was using the example of trying to look up a company by its pre-buyout name, and its current name. […]

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