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High Performance Elixir Recipes

By Corbin Links

Get Your Performance On! One of my top questions goes a little something like this… …”Corbin, how can I boost my energy, business, performance, and concentration in a healthy, non-junky-store-bought way?” My best answer is to pack in at least one performance elixir per day. No fillers, chemicals, dyes, or drugs. Just good ol’ nutrition! […]

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Can You Make Any REAL Money as a Health Coach? – CLS005

By Corbin Links

This week, Sheila asks if it’s possible to make real money (or even be profitable) as a health coach.

It’s a great question—one that comes up a lot. Back in season 1, episode 1, I shared some thoughts on breaking into the health / nutrition industry. But today’s money question is sort of a ‘prequel’. After all, if there’s no money, why do it? (At least as a business.)

Then there’s the issue of competition and market saturation. Are there too many coaches already? Is there really that much demand? Are any of the other coaches making money. All great questions, and big things to think about. But should that stop you?

Today, I’ll tackle these questions head-on. I’ll get to the bottom of the health coaching money issue, and share some practical suggestions to get started.

Let’s go!

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Do Business Coaches Need Business Coaches? – BYB038

By Corbin Links

As business coaches and consultants, we often think “Hey wait a minute, I AM the coach/consultant/expert! Why would I hire someone else to coach me?”

“Why don’t I take myself on as a client and do it myself!”

Ever thought that? Me to; countless times. For YEARS. And I’ll share a secret: it’s only been the past 3 years or so, where I’ve let myself open up and bring in outside consultants and coaches to analyze and work with our business.

And you know what?

It’s been HUGE. More productivity, more sales, more clarity and focus. In today’s *Feature Segment*, I’ll share 7 tips for hiring your own business coach, plus 5 strategies for getting the most from your consultations.

It’s that holiday season of the year: food, lots and lots of food, parties, drinks, stress, travel, and … so easy to get carried away. Got you covered. In the *Bangin’ Your Health* segment, I’ll share 9 tips for keeping your health during the holidays.

In the *Bangin’ Your Productivity* segment, we’ll talk winter cleaning and share a few tips for an efficient office space.

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How to Deal With Online Contact Forms – BYB037

By Corbin Links

We’re all conditioned to think we need online contact forms on our sites and all of our web presence point. But, do we really? Will they help us get more clients? Sell more services? And if so, what should the “perfect” online contact form do for us? How can or should we manage them? And are they really a good source of viable business for coaches and consultants? Well, I’m going to explore all of those topics and more in today’s feature segment.

In the Health Segment, I’ll explore another magical spice root for your health arsenal. This orange powerhouse, which is often used as a food spice, has many other benefits as well. Smoothies, drinks, food, you name it. And the benefits are *huge*.

Then, we’re going to hit some productivity with a tool and tactic for both Mac and Windows. Any time I use a brand new computer or workstation this is literally one of the first 2 or 3 pieces of software I install. Used right, it’s another one of those tools that can save you a half hour or more a day.

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How to Start Your Business + BIG Q&A Episode – BYB036

By Corbin Links

Start your business! I have a big announcement on today’s show, something that’s been a long time incoming, and it is going to help your business take off and soar. We’re also going to be doing a full on Q&A episode today. We’re going to cover questions such as:

– How to separate from problem clients.
– Should you work a side job while building a business?
– How to stay focused when you’re working in an intense client “fishbowl environment.”
– And a lot more.

In fact, today’s feature is going to cover both the *Feature Segment* and the *Productivity*, so no separate Bangin’ Your Productivity segment today.

And, in the *Bangin’ Your Health* segment, you know we’re big fans here of nutritional greens. We talk about them a lot. Well in the Bangin’ Your Health segment, I’m going to share two other super amazing concentrated greens to boost performance, protein, alkalinity, and more.

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How to Protect Your Core – BYB035

By Corbin Links

Do you ever feel like you’re just running on a treadmill and not quite getting there? Or maybe you’re getting somewhere, but feeling tired and burned out all the time? Or worse, you had a recent “crash” state, and you’re having to take unscheduled downtime just to recover, much less get productive again? Well, I’ve […]

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How to Master Case Study Marketing – BYB034

By Corbin Links

Having a new case study—or 3—is a wonderful thing. Case studies mean you are doing client business, your portfolio is growing! But now what? How do you recoup the time, money, and energy spent creating your business case study? After all, as great as case studies are, they do take time and effort that could otherwise be used on billable work.

What are some of the most effective ways to market them? In today’s part two of the business case study series, I’ll share some case study marketing strategies you can use right now—today—for maximum results.

More than a green, more than protein, more than plain old vitamins and minerals, it’s…..well I’ll keep you in suspense. But in today’s Bangin’ Your Health Segment, I’ll share an amazing super green leaf that has energy, power, and so much more. It’s starting to get trendy, and you may have heard of it recently, but there is a LOT to this story. We use it every day topically and in drinks, and have noticed visible differences. Stay tuned…

And in today’s Productivity Segment, I’ll share a couple of inexpensive, but creative ways to extend your monitor real estate and get some of that “multi-monitor productivity” – but without the 2nd monitor. I use a variation of this highly portable setup when traveling, and it’s a strong productivity boost. Can’t wait to share it with you.

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