Client Attraction vs. Client Acquisition and Prospecting – BYB022

By Corbin Links

Attracting Clients I’m tackling YOUR questions about consulting and business this week. We’ve got loads to cover, here are just two examples, but there’s plenty more:

Client attraction is all the Internet rage right now. But is attracting always better than good old chasing or prospecting? Let’s find out.

Imagine a client–or potential client–that you are hoping to do business with, and they just keep asking for more and more and more information, but they never quite get to the point of closing the deal. How do you handle that? This is just one of today’s questions. The Feature Segment is a full-on Q&A show.

In the Bangin’ Your Health segment, I’m going to tell you how to actually use the 7 Keys to Achieving High-Performance Health in your daily routine. We’ll walk through a full day, step-by-step for living the 7 Keys.

How about text and code snippets? All those little bits of text, quotes, pieces of code, wi-fi passwords and all those things that you have to store somewhere.

In the Bangin’ Your Productivity segment, I’m going to share one of my favorite tools for tracking and managing all those snippets in your life of all kinds, whether they’re scripts, code, bits of writing and research, or whatever you need.

Sounds like a big agenda, so let’s do this!

What you will learn

  • Practical suggestions for you to do every day and get all your 7 Keys to Achieving High-Performance Health into YOUR routine. I’m sharing a Step by Step breakdown of exactly how I keep all 7 Keys in my daily life.
  • Answers to all kinds of listener questions about consulting and business Such as:
  • How to pick a vendor to work with.
  • How to tell if a business expense is justified, when it doesn’t seem to have a good ROI.
  • How to set a limits when courting potential clients.
  • The best way to attract clients + whether attracting clients IS “the best”.
  • What to do with all those pieces of text information–formatted text, strings of code, links, passwords–that you need to store safely, and access quickly.
  • And much more!

Looks like we’ve got another big agenda here, so let’s just do this!



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