Coaching Business Sales Introduction – CLS026

By Corbin Links

Continuing a “lite version” walk through of my Coaching Profits Intensive course this week!

Doing something completely different today—instead of separately riffing on the material in the course modules, I’m playing audio directly from the full Coaching Profits Intensive course.

This episode picks up from Episode CLS022, which covered a big list of pricing dos and don’ts. If you’re brand new to the show—or somehow missed CLS022—go back and give it a listen.

I’m diving headlong into the BIG topic of coaching business sales. I hope to get you thinking about sales in a whole new way in your coaching business (or at least thinking about it often…every day).

Here’s how today’s show works:

  1. I’ll do the regular intro stuff
  2. Then chat a bit about what’s been happening
  3. Then roll audio directly from the course HD video for the Sales Lesson.
  4. I’ll be back at the end of the show with a summary and take-aways.

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode:

  1. Business Sales Equality Statement
  2. Marketing and Sales—Same Parents, Separate Siblings
  3. Why Sales IS Personal
  4. Quick Overview of the Coaching Sales Equation
  5. The different types of “NO”—and what they really mean.
  6. The Only ONE Kind of “YES”

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