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By Corbin Links

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It’s that time of year: many of us are re-evaluating our strategies, businesses, opportunities, and how our time is spent.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with online contact forms over the last couple of weeks. Our contact forms, the forms of our clients and some business coaches we’re actually working with during our year-end planning. What we’re finding is there is a mix of everything from the cool, to the complex—to the downright broken!

We’re all conditioned to think we need online contact forms on our sites and all of our web presence point. But, do we really? And if so, what should the “perfect” online contact form do for us? How can or should we manage them? And are they really a good source of viable business for coaches and consultants? Well, I’m going to explore all of those topics and more in today’s feature segment.

In the Health Segment, I’ll explore another magical spice root for your health arsenal. This orange powerhouse, which is often used as a food spice, has many other benefits as well. Smoothies, drinks, food, you name it. And the benefits are huge.

Then, we’re going to hit some productivity with a tool and tactic for both Mac and Windows. Any time I use a brand new computer or workstation this is literally one of the first 2 or 3 pieces of software I install. Used right, it’s another one of those tools that can save you a half hour or more a day.

What You Will Learn:

  • Upsides and downsides of online contact forms.
  • 7 strategies to get the best results from your forms.
  • Spice-up your health, food, drinks with this amazing plant.
  • A tool and strategy to find files fast, launch apps, automate work and more. I save 30+ minutes per day using this strategy, and apply it to all my computers.

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