Do I Really Need a Business if Clients Already Pay Me? – CLS009

By Corbin Links

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Today, Jacob asks “do I really need a business if clients already pay me?”

Based on the question, we have both demand and business validation—great! Seems all is going well.

Should he take all the steps to form a business when things seem to be going so well already? After all, clients are paying him without any formal business structure at all. Why change?

This is a great question in a couple different ways. And it dovetails nicely off last week’s Q&A episode 007, where Tracy had the “prequel” question. Jacob, I have have some thoughts on this.

What You Will Learn

In today’s Questions and Actions episode, you will learn:

  1. The signs it is time to go pro with your business.
  2. Other options if you’re not yet ready for full indy pro. (Freelancing, or avoiding “babysitter syndrome”)
  3. Can a business entity, insurance, and paperwork actually help you get more clients?
  4. Can you really effectively deliver coaching and consulting from a noisy beach somewhere?
  5. Next steps and your weekend homework.

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