Do You Make These Productivity-Busting Mistakes? – CLS046

By Corbin Links

Got something totally different today!

In this special “Mondays Rock” edition of The Corbin Links Show, I’m reading through a recent MR Letter.

But Corbin, what the hell is a “Mondays Rock” letter anyway? Stay tuned, and I’ll share how to get yours for free, week after week.

Here’s the intro:

(Note to self: No one liked the “Speed Kills” headline from last week. Maybe a bit too negative…. This is a slightly updated version of last Mondays Rock letter.)

Last weekend, I was reminded of a powerful object lesson in speed, productivity, and results…

…(more coming up right after the intro!)

What You Will Learn

  1. What to figure out FIRST, before focusing on productivity and efficiency
  2. What NOT to do when you’re in a hurry
  3. A key success secret from a company that managed over 8 Trillion (not a typo) in assets
  4. The real cost of impatience
  5. 4 supercharged counter-intuitive productivity strategies
  6. And a bit more…

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