Do You Really Want to Ditch Your Clients? – CLS047

By Corbin Links

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It seems like every podcast, post, article, social media message these days pitches the siren song of “leave your clients.” Take your business online, and never have to do client work again.

Or how about this: “I decided to get out of the client business altogether and do products only.”

Sound familiar?

Is that really why we get into coaching and consulting? I don’t know about you, but client work and helping other IS why for me. We built up a business this way and products and other goodies came much much later.

That said, I want to address a few points in today’s show. Mainly:

  1. Why client work, vs. product development, or something else entirely?
  2. Are you really tired of client work, or is it something else?

  3. The 5 key factors ALL high-achievers at some point in the journey, and how specifically to deal with each one.

  4. Do you have obligations to your clients beyond mere contracts?

  5. Is there really any such thing as a “customer-free” or “client-free” business?

  6. What some of the biggest product creators in the world still do…

And much more.

Another fully-packed show, so let’s get to it!

What You Will Learn

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