Ethics Statement from and Links Business Group LLC


  • Links Business Group LLC (parent of this web property) honors honesty and integrity above all. We will not misrepresent you, ourselves, or our capabilities.
  • We honor all rules, regulations, and laws as they apply to your business and ours, and will promptly communicate any issues that may be affected by policy or relevant legislation.
  • We will only enter into contracts that can be fully honored by all parties to the transaction. If, in our judgment, a project is not right for you or for us, we will immediately discuss the details and recommend alternatives.
  • Links Business Group LLC prides itself on unbiased advocacy, and independent representation of your interests that is free of influence from partners and vendors. Should any potential conflict of interest ever arise, we will immediately bring it to your attention.
  • We will always honor and respect your privacy. All transactions are conducted in the strictest confidence, and are subject to our Non Disclosure Agreement (or yours,) and our privacy policy.
  • We fervently practice rigid data security. Any client data entrusted to us is protected in the most stringent manner feasible. We treat your data as we would our own checkbooks and personal information.
  • We will not use any proprietary client information for our own benefit, aside from what is specifically required to fulfill our contractual obligations.
  • We will always respect your time, and ours.
  • We practice Total Quality Management and continually re-evaluate our organization, methods, and practices to ensure that our business is in the best position to assist yours.
  • We hold vendors, subcontractors, partners, and affiliates to the same standards as ourselves.

We welcome any feedback regarding our policies, or any other website content.