What type of consulting / coaching do you do?

Over the years, I’ve consulted on everything from multi-million-dollar data security projects, to winning RFPs for clients, helping others build businesses from the ground up, expand existing businesses and “other duties as required.” I even have a full-blown 50++ hour consulting / coaching course (stay tuned for the latest version release.)

As of April 2023, my business focus is specific to API-based Identity and Access Management (CIAM / IAM) projects. Most recently, I built out a full-stack multi-million user white-label Identity as a Service implementation.

If you’re interested in IAM / CIAM work, connect via the contact form. You can also reach out via LinkedIn, but the response time may be longer.

Are you taking on new clients?

I’m always interested in discussing interesting opportunities, but only have the bandwidth at this time for 1–2 projects per year.

If you’re interested in getting an IAM or data security-related project up and running or getting an existing one out the door this year, reach me on the contact page and we’ll set up an informal discussion.

(Like most people in 2023, I’m not a big fan of traditional ‘interviews’—but always open to having a no-obligation consultative chat.)

I generally take on 1–3 business coaching clients a year in addition to IAM / CIAM work. If you’re interested in non-IAM business coaching or consulting, please check out the coaching FAQ.

Why would I do an Identity Access Management (IAM / CIAM) project with you instead of hiring some giant consulting firm or mega-corporation or “Big XYZ Consultancy?

This could be a blog in and of itself! But here is a very short TL;DR version:

  • We don’t have the massive overhead of larger consulting firms. This allows us to:
    • Getting up and running quickly and efficiently.
    • Focus on bringing the best talent to your project.
    • And doing all that for less than the typical $225–$300/per hour charged by “big” consulting firms.
  • I’ve been doing IAM-related projects longer than most everyone else (bringing you massive “been there / done that”) in the space and am well-connected to other 15++ year veterans who can get stuff done right. To “date” myself a little bit, I’ve been deploying IAM-related tools and strategies since they were originally invented.
  • A wide variety of expertise, tool, verticals and methods exposure.
  • We’re vendor / technology neutral, but focus on modern 2020’s API-centric IAM.
  • The company, Links Business Group LLC is not hard sell. We don’t have large benches of idle staff to bill you for, external boards / stockholders to please, or vendor sales quotas to honor by pushing clients into things that aren’t right for them. As noted elsewhere, we’ll be just as or more likely to talk you out of something as in to something if it’s not right for you.
  • Calling us will get you routed quickly to the right resource. We should be your first call first and always: +1 800 507 3480, extension 1 (or the contact form.)

Are you looking for W2 or full-time employment? (FTE)

I work via corp-to-corp contracts (Form 1099-NEC/INV/MISC in the States, or by base contract outside the States) managed by our firm Links Business Group LLC. However, if we do work together, you have my assurance that it will be me and me alone doing the work for you. The contracting firm is simply the legal entity and arrangement for doing so.

Will you travel to our site / project / place of business?

As of late March 2023, our firm follows a general ‘low travel’ and ‘remote first’ model. We continue delivering in this paradigm for decades and have done so since way before global events of the past 2–3 years. That said, every project is a case-by-case basis and if we decide to work together and the contract absolutely requires travel-based meetings, we can discuss accordingly.

Why are some of the links / tools / podcasts “out of date” ?

I’ve been blogging off and on almost 20 years now. There have been several business, business-nutrition, and IAM-related projects over the years; many have rolled into CorbinLinks.com, or one of our other digital properties. There have also been 7 different podcasts over the years.

Most CorbinLinks.com content is and always intended to be ‘evergreen’ and written that way. Except for some of the URLS and especially tool / software links, I’d say well over 86++% of material here is just as fresh and valid in 2023 as ever.

Many associates, clients and the community find instructional value in The Corbin Links Show and you can listen to episodes here or subscribe via iTunes.

Can I be a guest on your podcast?

I’m flattered to still get variations of this question over 6 years since posting the last episode of The Corbin Links Show. But the answer is “no” due to the fact we are not actively publishing new episodes. If anything changes in the future, we’ll be sure to post it here and LinkedIn.

Does that mean you’ll be posting more regular updates to the CorbinLinks.com site?

Yes, on an as-needed basis. As of late March 2023, CorbinLinks.com is primarily a reference / “calling card” for existing and potential new clients. Since 90%++ percent of all business we do is word-of-mouth or direct referral, we do very little new-client business directly from the website. Please see the previous question about content currency and evergreen information.

I’m an independent content creator. Can I post articles / material on CorbinLinks.com?

Thank you for considering us, but the answer must be “no.” We have never published third-party content on this or related sites and do not plan to change that model. And honestly, given the referral-only nature of this site and monthly traffic levels, your time will be much better served running your own platform or targeting “big name bloggers” with huge traffic numbers.

Can I propose “edits” to your article so you can include links to my stuff / information / awesome tool / software, etc.?

Same as above but thank you for asking. Anything we’ve written about or included is based on 100% hands-on direct experience with whatever that thing / tool / service is.

Visitors are always using the contact form to tell us about their shiny thing, or how we “should include this or that on a post.” If I or the team have written about it and you have an update to that thing, then absolutely—please feel free to school us on your updates to that direct product / thing we’ve previously covered. But otherwise, we’ll stick with we know and have tested as the best service to our clients and readers.

Do you have affiliate marketing / third-party sales links on your site?

We have a few odd affiliate links here and there, but they are not actively maintained (see above) and we have no vested interest whether you use them or not. Our revenue model is primarily based on our own consulting, services, courses, and products.

Affiliate marketing is not a revenue generator for us and any you do find are merely convenience. Feel free to just visit any direct vendor websites if you like. We provide an affiliate notice along with everyone else for legal compliance, but that is about the extent of our affiliate business.

How can I ask questions not covered in the FAQ, website, blog, podcast, or LinkedIn profile?

Please use the contact form for general questions *not* covered by any of the above.

But—if you’re an existing client, call directly at the 1-800 number, or your dedicated account contact’s direct line. (Alll of our active consulting clients will have an assigned contact and number.) Just note that questions covered above, including the all-too-frequent “can I come clean your offices…” or “can I write / post / suggest stuff on your site” are not legitimate business or partnership inquires and may not receive a direct response.

Are you hiring?

100% of our placements are direct or word-of-mouth. If you have a specific IAM / CIAM / IGA – related skillset or service you think will be a great fit, please send a personalized LinkedIn request to join my network. (InMail requests should also be accompanied by a network join request.) Share with me what you have in mind and if there’s a possible fit, we’ll get together and chat.

I cannot emphasize this strongly enough—IF you’d like to connect via LinkedIn, be sure to send a **personalized** invitation, which includes exactly how you found out about Corbin Links or Links Business Group LLC. Please be as specific as possible.

I think I remember seeing you selling books and and business / consulting courses some time back. Do you still sell them?

As of late March 2023, we are not currently listing legacy books and courses. However, we are working on separate projects related to some of our materials. New updates will be posted on this site and LinkedIn.

Any other projects on the web?

Check out one of our sister projects Kitchen Love Stories. It is created and edited by my wife and part of the Links Business Group LLC family of resources.

Why don’t I see you all over social media? Doesn’t social media make you “legit?”

I’ll refrain from oversharing any personal thoughts on the second question. But for the first part of the question, we found many years ago extensive social media time / financial investment made extremely little difference to our bottom line (having literally invested many thousands in it over the years.) Like near zero, except for a few book sales.

At our high point, we spent thousands monthly on multiple social media channels and related advertisements, plus immeasurable time diverting billable resources to socials. Always returning to our tried-and-true direct service model which is exponentially more profitable and something we teach in our flagship consulting / coaching course.

(Hint: if you’re considering a business coaching call or package, we rarely recommend most clients spend a lot of time with social media either. Most people won’t admit this, but the metrics don’t work out for the vast majority of businesses.)

As we near April 2023, our focus continues to be direct word-of-mouth and targeted business. For now, my main social channels are CorbinLinks.com and LinkedIn.

Do you still run the VIP List mentioned on some of your posts and podcast episodes?

Not as of April 2023, but we are are working on a reboot of some of our popular course and VIP materials. Additional information will be posted to CorbinLinks.com and LinkedIn when ready.