Get Your Clients to Listen and Buyoff on Your Coaching Advice – CLS034

By Corbin Links


Today is a special “Classics Wednesday”, where I roll a popular must-listen episode of The Corbin Links Show.

Today’s season one classic is one of the most popular episodes ever—something all consultants and coaches can relate to. Most of us are not just in it for the money of course. We actually want to see our clients get BIG results from our coaching sessions. Our tools, methods, and materials, and advice.

But what happens when clients either ignore our advice, or do something contrary? Frustrating isn’t it? But more than that, some clients may even lay blame at the consultants door when they follow something contrary to advice?

That’s the theme. This episode was originally published as “6 Ways to Increase Acceptance of Your Consulting Solutions”. I’m rolling the full thing in its entirety.

Oh! One other thing: if you’re brand-new to the show, you might not know The Corbin Links Show was originally called “Bangin’ Your Business”. Don’t let that throw you when the show rolls…

I’ll be back next week with a brand-new show and bonus interview.

Let’s hit it!

What You’ll Learn

  • Why your clients are not implementing your recommendations.
    • 6 most common objections, and 6 answers to boost your solution acceptance rates by 75% or more!
  • How to stop those endless email threads dead in their tracks.
  • Natural steps to combat hair loss (without harsh treatments or surgeries—really)
  • And more…

In case you’re wondering—why is Corbin talking about hair / health issues in this episode when this is a business show? It’s because the nutritionist side of me popped out a lot more last year. Season one included health tips from my certified nutritionist background.

So consider it a bonus 🙂

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