How Can I Just “Try Out” Being a Coach? – CLS015

By Corbin Links


It’s time for Questions and ACTIONS Friday!

This week, Renée asks “How Can I Just “Try Out” Being a Coach and See if it Works for Me?”

Renée, this is a great question and I think one we all face at some point in our careers. For me, it’s been dozens in years past (…but that’s a different story…). Maybe you’re just exploring new career options. You’ve heard about this “coaching thing” and thought “I could do that!”

Ore maybe you’re convinced you have a lot to offer as a coach, but not sure if the money is there, or if your particular brand or type of coaching will fly?

I’ll explore all of these head-on today. Let’s get to it!

What You Will Learn

  • The “Big 4” factors that separate 3-figure-per-month and 5-figure++ per month coaches.
  • The one thing you must consider before trying coaching—or any personalized service.
  • Three fast ways to know if you have what it takes AND validate your coaching idea.
  • What one thing—above all else—will decide your ongoing success as a coach?

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