How I’d Setup My Business If Starting From Scratch – CLS041

By Corbin Links


Sitting down with a new coaching client the other day, she asked me what I would do over or differently in my business today, if starting over from scratch. How would I setup my business?

Great question, and one that forced me to think on it quite a bit There are a couple parts to this. I got a mini-taste of this during my “business crash” phase in 2009, which I talked about in season one. That is one of the true must-listen episodes of The Corbin Links Show, as it deals with existing businesses who need to restart-get “re-profitable” and fast. (Will link to it in the show notes.)

There was a key difference back in our 2009 mini-crash: we HAD an existing business, with foundation, structure, systems, it was just severely wounded. Not quite the same as today’s scenario.

Today, I’m talking completely clean slate “do-over”. What would the new business look like? How is it different from today? What would I tell my pre-business self?

Partly, my CPI course was created for this very thing. It’s all about getting a solid, profitable business up and running quickly. BUT, each person and business situation is different, and mine would be a bit different from the current setup.

So there’s some backstory. No “What’s Been Happening” or promo segment today, I’m just going for the content.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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