How Should I “Get the Word Out” For My New Business? – CLS003

By Corbin Links

Today is the very first edition of the new Friday podcast: Question and Action Friday. And I’ve got a great question and action to share!

We all have to start somewhere, and starting off on the right foot can help us reach our goals and dreams a whole lot faster.

If you have a new coaching or consulting business, you have a LOT of questions. And Marla asks a classic:

“How can I ‘get the word out’ in my new coaching business?”

Let’s find out!

What You Will Learn

  1. 3 ways to find new clients when you’re first starting out.
  2. What you don’t want to focus your efforts on. Instead, focus 99% of your energy on this:…..(tune in to discover)
  3. Do you need a big portfolio to start your business?
  4. What should you send potential new clients and contacts to really help them.
  5. Your Friday action steps for this week.

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