How Small Firms Can Answer the Bench Strength Question – BYB032

By Corbin Links

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Are you having challenges making inroads with large client firms because they maybe perceive you as being too small to work with, or because you’re just not on their preferred vendor list? And, how do you answer this question about bench strength and how deep your reserve of personnel is? Well, these could be daunting questions, but today I have five tips for dealing with this whole thing thanks to a recent listener question.

In today’s Bangin’ Your Health segment, I’m going to share another power tool in your health and nutritional arsenal, one that can help remineralize your body, help health conditions, reduce sickness, boost your energy, and more. Plus, it’s portable enough to take with you on those long road trips.

Then we’re going to get a bit geeky in today’s Bangin’ Your Productivity segment. It’s shiny tool time again with a free software package that can save you 10 to 30 minutes a day in your writing and Markdown text editing.

Another full agenda in today’s episode, so let’s do this.

What You Will Learn

  • How to address big company concerns about “bench strength” and resources
  • How to close big projects even you are not on the preferred vendor’s list
  • What are colloidal minerals and what can they do for you?
  • How to save 10 – 30 minutes or more – uniquely for Mac users (Windows users – I’ve got other tools coming your way…).

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