How to Confidently Sell Your Consulting or Coaching Services – BYB027

By Corbin Links


Do you ever feel intimidated, nervous, or just “not-quite-right” when selling your services? Maybe you’ve thought: “they’ll never be interested”, or “I wonder if it’s good enough” or “I’m not good at this”, or “sales doesn’t feel natural.”

Or, maybe you did the sales call and thought it didn’t go well. Or you stumbled somewhere along the way.

If you’ve experienced any or all of the above, you’re not alone. Sales can be nerve wracking for even the most experienced professionals, especially when big deals are on the table. In this episode, I’ll share 7 proven strategies for boosting sales confidence.

If you’re any type of health or productivity hacker, you’ve likely heard at least mention of “smart drugs” and “nootropics”. Lots of big names touting these, both prescription and otherwise. But are they safe? Are there some non-pill / non-pharma solutions to boost your clarity, focus, and productivity?

Turns out there are. Mother nature has her own “nootropics”, often from which some prescriptions are loosely derived. We’ll discuss the topic a bit, and share 5 natural nootropic boosters, and one special “elixir” with no dairy or pills in it, but gives a great cognitive boost.

I’ve been doing a TON of linear / timeline-based video editing in the past two weeks. One tool I was using cost me probably a good two days effort because it has a disappearing waveform editor.

The other has a fantastic waveform editor: almost as good as a native tool such as Audacity, is way easier to use, and SAVED me a bunch of time. Not your typical productivity tool segment, but this has worked out so well for me I just HAD to share.

Let’s go!

What you will learn

  • 7 proven strategies for sales confidence-building. Kick sales fear to the curb!
  • My top natural “Smart drugs” that provide cognitive benefits, boost mental clarity, jump-start your energy—without prescription street meds.
  • Why non-GMO soy lecithin is awesomely healthy!
  • An unlikely productivity tool which rescued literally days of my life in a recent video project.

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