How to Get Paid | Best Travel Water | Desktop Productivity – BYB024

By Corbin Links


Are you looking for some strategies to handle late payments, non-payment, or collections? In the Bangin’ Your Business segment, I lay out an 8-point framework to dramatically lower client payment risk. It’s the same model we use in our own business and has served us well for years.

In the Bangin’ Your Health segment, we’re taking a deeper dive into healthy water. I’ll share exactly what I use for water at home and the office, and what I do when I travel.

And we’re going to “swipe” your productivity with a couple of my favorite go-to strategies and tools. These will have you flying through apps and windows, while concentrating only on what you need to.

What you will learn

  • How to get paid almost 100% of the time, for each and every coaching or consulting project.
  • The answer to the question—where the heck do you get your water, anyway?
  • Recommended home and water system.
  • How and what to use for shower water chlorine filtering.
  • Traveling? Check out these 7-Keys-Friendly, body-good and “BYB-Approved” bottled waters.
  • How to test your water purity.
  • How to swipe your way to higher productivity.
  • How to clear the clutter from your desktop, and focus only on what you need, right now!
  • The Bangin’ Your Business 8-Point Payment Assurity Framework.
  • And much more!

It’s a busy episode so let’s get to it!

Listen up!



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