How to Get Remote Consulting Agreements – BYB002

By Corbin Links

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What happens when you mix reverse gravity and fresh blueberries? Can it unleash magic superpowers of vitality, energy, and concentration?

Kumar asks a great question about working remotely as a business IT consultant. (One of my most popular questions!)

And in the Productivity Tool segment, I’ll share an old school tool I’ve returned to after many years. This move has easily boosted my planning and architectural skills a good 25% or more.

And lots more in store, so let’s get rolling!



## Show Notes


Welcome to the all-new “Bangin’ Your Business” show.

Each week I share insight and perspective — sprinkled with a heavy dose of real-world “been there done that” on topics of business, consulting, enterprise IT, managing clients and more. Plus a lot of long-tail “SEO-UNfriendly” stuff (but delivered in a friendly manner…) you just gotta know, but may have a hard time finding elsewhere.

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Big big show today and I’m combining listener Q & A with the feature segment, because this topic is just SO important to many of us consultants and remote business types.

Let’s get started!


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