How to Maintain High-Performance Health During Business Travel – BYB019

By Corbin Links


Today, we’re diving into something that’s way way overdue——and I get a lot of questions about. That is part 1 of a new two-part series on “How to Maintain High-Performance Health During Business Travel”. This first segment includes a special tip I haven’t shared anywhere else. A tip that could reduce your hotel room noise by over 30%, help you sleep better on the road, be more comfortable and more. Plus 4 other health-boosting business travel tips!

In the feature segment, I’m going to talk to you about something most others won’t. Something big firms, HR departments, recruiters, test labs and governments don’t like to you to think about…

But it’s big business for them, and big risk for YOU, and you should know what you’re up against.

So we’re going to dive into…….BACKGROUND CHECKS. What they are, what you need to know, how to protect yourself since now all the background checkers are getting hacked——with your information. I’m talking the United States Government: Twice that WE know about. But I don’t want to just pick on my government, because it’s happening to anyone who has your info.

But as serious and ominous or “gloomy” as that may sound, this is a positively bangin’ show. I want you to be informed, enabled, equipped, and engaged. I share 12+ tips to help you decide when——and if——you’ll participate in a background check.

And in the Bangin’ Your Productivity Segment, I’m covering a couple highly-useful tools which can make web browsing easier, clean up the screen, and get you reading instead of clicking all over the screen to stop all the drama and just read the darn article!

Yep, got a lot to talk about – mr. announcer man, HIT IT!



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