How to Profitably Juggle Multiple Clients – BYB014

By Corbin Links


You’ve heard episodes 1 – 13 about how to start your business, or restart if ran into some…difficulty. You heard about mind hacking, growth hacking, and even client hacking. And you’ve learned about the 7——and only 7——physical things standing between you and a shiny new business.

And now your business is up and humming along. Congratulations! You have first client, and maybe even a second or third client.

Life is great! Or…is it?

Having no business or clients is one kind of challenge (admittedly a bad one,) but suddenly having too many clients (yes, many businesses starve from growing too fast) is a different challenge.

How can a solo provider shop, or small shop of partner professionals manage multiple clients at once and keep them all happy?

We’re going to tackle that head-on today.

Plus, Bangin’ Your Health returns with the final installment in our series of “7 Keys to Achieving High Performance Health”.

And in the “Bangin’ Your Productivity segment”, we’re going to geek out just a little bit with one of my go-to Swiss army knife tools for text; counting characters, lines, stripping duplicates, sorting lines, prefixing and suffixing lines, lots of stuff.

Hmmm…sounds like a LOT of stuff to cover in one episode, so let’s dive in.

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