How to Rebuild and Grow a Consulting Business — BYB006

By Corbin Links

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Today: One man’s story of business success, joy, crashing, burning, rebuilding and transcending.

Have you read the *4 Hour Workweek*? Remember the part where Mr. Ferriss talks about that emergency / nightmare, “worst-case” scenario if your new plans go sour? Well hang on! This episode is a LIGHT for those times.

To be honest, this is the hardest show I’ve ever recorded. There are a *lot* of “lessons learned,” take-aways, and practical tips here.


Today’s episode covers everything from:

  • My blueprint for rebuilding and growing any consulting business. I share my physical, actual, no-fluff, step-by-step guide to rebuild and grow any consulting business within a few weeks. If you’re a service provider or consultant of any kind, this section alone is worth the listen.
  • How NOT to pay attention to markets and client signals, and the costs of doing so.
  • How NOT to start a software or SAAS business, and what to do instead.
  • Reasons to NOT move between states or countries (and some reasons TO do so).
  • Why to never take “loans” or “gifts” from family members (and what to do instead.)
  • Why your economic situation is all about you, and not the economy, weather, politics, etc. (Which is actually a great thing when you realize how much control you really have!)

In the Bangin’ Your Health segment, we’ll dive headlong into Key 1 of the 7 Keys to High-Performance Health. If you want to shortcut your health journey and get all steps now, head over to


Fire up those earbuds and listen here:


NOTE: No Bangin’ Your Productivity segment today. The Feature Segment is massive and action-packed. The Productivity Segment returns next week.


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