How to Start Your Coaching Journey – CLS014

By Corbin Links


Today I’m starting a multi-week series! If you’ve been around the show for a while, you know I just love doing themes.

So in honor of my upcoming coaching course (releasing in mid March), I’m walking through parts of the course—module by module. And today’s material is from Module 1.

My goal is that at the end of this podcast series, you will have the basic tools to get your coaching business up and running at a profit.

Sound good?

What You Will Learn

  1. The key differences between consulting and coaching. (Yes, there are differences, and important to understand when you’re creating your new business.)
  2. Why coach? Why not be an employee, or try some other line of work?
  3. Do you really need a big “why” or a deep “passion” to create a results-based, powerful, profitable coaching business?
  4. How to deliver coaching services. We’ll explore both physical and virtual delivery methods.
  5. Are you really qualified? The answer may surprise you!
  6. Do you need a core audience? Super-small micro-niche to start out? The answer to this may ALSO surprise you.
  7. Actions and next steps

Let’s go!

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