How To Up Your Health Game In 30 Days Or Less

How To Up Your Health Game In 30 Days Or Less - Book Image

My new eBook: How To Up Your Health Game In 30 Days Or Less

is here!

Feel Years Younger, Produce More, Triple Your Energy

Today marks the release of my brand new eBook. I’ve had a lot of requests to package my “7 Keys to High-Performance Health” talk into a portable format.

This is the same system I used to beat acid reflux disease, lose 80 pounds, triple my energy, and kick my meds to the curb.

So what’s in it for you?

  • A simple, easy-to-follow 7-Step System for:

    • Getting fewer colds and bouts of flu
    • Extending the number of productive hours in your day
    • Boosting your immune system
    • Gaining a more youthful, “vibrant” glow and appearance
    • Tripling your energy
    • Managing your weight
    • Maximizing and measuring results
  • Plus:

    • You’ll be able to start RIGHT NOW — TODAY
    • Learn how addition — not subtraction — is the key to long term health
    • Find out how to rest and sleep your way to better health — without “sleep hacking” or “smart sleep drugs”
    • Simple tricks to reduce swelling and inflammation
    • Learn why calcium supplements can be damaging and what to do instead
    • How to keep up with your vegetable intake — no matter how much you travel
  • Features:

    • Time-tested system I use every day.
    • Get up and running quickly.
    • Time effective read: finish the book in 2 hours or less.
    • Your order includes both popular eBook formats: MOBI and EPUB. Read your new book on Kindle (MOBI), iBooks (EPUB) or any other reader.
    • Delivered in one ZIP file. Easily unzips and loads on Mac, Windows, or your favorite tablet.
    • Clickable table of contents for easy navigation.
    • FREE updates for life! FREE upgrades for all editions of the same book.

Click the button now to receive your copy for only $7 USD:

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P.S. Why wait for winter flu and cold season? Boost your immune system now! You’re a click away from higher energy, better health, higher productivity, and “youthful vigor”.


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