Don’t hate on the ‘selling’ — embrace it! Here’s how…

By Corbin Links

I hate selling! How can I sell more of my services in a way that clients don’t feel “pushed,” “forced,” or “uncomfortable?

Most business person greatest fear when selling is being too pushy or to come off like one of the hateful salespeople. Oftentimes, they are the ones who are more interested in pushing their product or services rather than figuring out what the necessity or what services clients need. Regardless of the client’s pronouncements they push and push until they finally said “NO”.

Let’s face it! Selling is tough, and everybody hate selling. Then you must be one tough guy who’s willing to take any chances to sell your services/products.

Getting someone to buy your products or services create a lot of pressure. You came to a point that you have all the right strategy before you approach each prospect. Because you don’t want to force them but at the same time you are afraid to lose them.

Hitting the right balance between getting your point across by being not too pushy and being subtle on selling your service.

5 un-pushy, but effective coaching sales strategies:

(1) Be clear. Crystal clear. Laser-focused clear. Clarity brings purpose, confidence, charisma, enthusiasm, focus, and effectiveness. Having a clear package / service, a clear target market (people you know so well you could give them the perfect gift.)

(2) Be conversational. The second you get into hard “pitch” mode, you’ve lost them. Trust me on this. Sales is a series of conversations leading to a mutual benefit. Don’t lose the “mutual” during the process, and be engaging.

(3) Focus on the transformation. Client is “here,” and they want to get “there.” The “there” should be so tangible, so real, they cannot help but want it now, or even yesterday!

(4) Follow-up with purpose and value. Do you like it when people mail or call to “follow up?” Me either. But I love it when people send me value. Here’s a simple formula: (1) Purpose of mail (2) Direct benefit to the reader (3) The request or reminder.

(5) Set and reset expectations. As powerful and awesome as your thing / service / product may be, your clients will still “see” or “think” what they want. It’s up to you to help them see what is possible, but to also be transparent and realistic. There is nothing that can break your sales confidence more than over promising and under delivering.


Now you’re ready for the sales confidence formula, and being the salesman who said stop the “I Hate Selling” madness and transmute it to “sales love.”

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