Identity and Access Management (IAM / IdM), Business Process and Automation Services

In today’s complex world of ever-increasing web applications, passwords, governmental consulting-page-iam-graphicregulations, and auditing requirements, it is absolutely essential that all organizations, regardless of size, have a formal identity and access management system in place.

What Exactly Is Identity (Access) Management (IdM / IAM)?

Most simply put, Identity Management is a process that defines the “who, what, where, and how” of identity. It defines what an identity is within an organization, what the identity can do, and how to track and report on what the entity does. IdM is also referred to as “IAM”, or Identity and Access Management. This is also known as “AAA”, or Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing. Identity Management, or IdM / IAM encompasses all of the following:

  • Single Sign-on — One ID and one password/token/PKI/smartcard provides access to most or all applications in the enterprise.
  • Digital Identity (DigitalID) — Reducing and rationalizing multiple units of identity into a single entity, such as a specific username, or digital token, smartcard, dongle, cell phone, or PKI tool.
  • Provisioning — Registering and unregistering user access to applications and facility access points. Provisioning also includes all business workflow processes of approvals or denials.
  • Business requirements and use cases — Any successful IAM Program starts with charters, plans, and most importantly — requirements and use cases. We can help ensure these are captured and documented early on, so there are no budget and effort surprises late in the project.
  • Fine-grained authorization / entitlements — Permissions sets regulating what user or application can doonce access is granted.
  • Directory Services — IdM is built on the back of one or more directory services, such asLDAP, eDirectory, or AD. Directories may be standalone, metadirectories, virtual directories, of a combination of all three.
  • Authentication methods — Defines how users or applications may access a system.
  • Attestation, auditing and reporting — Tracking and maintaining records of all transactions by application and user, throughout each transaction point.
  • Strong authentication — Also known as “two factor” or “multi-factor” authentication and can include biometric, token, Kerberos, SAML, and PKI-based access.
  • Federation and Federated Identity Management — Digital Identity that is trusted across service providers, business partners, and multiple units within an organization. Federation is the “ring of trust” that allows Digital ID to cross boundaries.
  • Role Engineering | Role Based Access Control (RBAC) — Too many roles? Don’t know how many roles you even have? Need to match roles to business processes, and business processes to security and audit controls? Links Business Group LLC can find and analyze your existing roles and processes quickly, and put you on the road to RBAC, or “Role Based Access Control.”

Business Reasons for Identity and Access Management (IdM/IAM) Implementation

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Faster time to market for new applications
  • Developer efficiency
  • Application standardization
  • Increased business and IT process efficiency
  • Consistent means of applying security controls across all applications and processes
  • Full auditing and reporting for company applications
  • Eased integration with partners and suppliers
  • Improved end-user experience
  • Scalability and Integration

How Links Business Group LLC Will Successfully Implement Your New Identity and Access Management (IAM / IDM) Infrastructure

Links Business Group LLC consultants are equally at home in the program, design, and process sides of IAM / IdM — as well as the technical. Using our exclusive “Six Stages of IAM” or “IAM Six Stage Model,” we have the systems, processes, and expertise to get IAM done right — the FIRST time.

Not your first time around with an Identity and Access Management (IAM / IdM) Program? Have you (or your organization) attempted a large-scale, high profile IAM, Business Process, or Business Automation Project before and not achieved the desired results? I can fix that.

In fact, I specialize in distressed, or “impossible to do” projects. Let’s talk:

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