Incline boards, client work stoppages, website hosting, vinegar and apps – oh my! – BYB018

By Corbin Links


What do incline boards, losing (or gaining) client opportunities, website hosting, client attraction have in common?

They’re all related to questions asked by listeners and business colleagues. Because this is…Q&A catch-up episode! I’m going to try and answer at least 5 questions from the queue (they’re piling up, but keep them coming) and we’ll see how far I get.

We’ll be bangin’ your health today with an inexpensive, but highly versatile liquid which can remove acne, clean your system, help digestion, smooth up your skin, clean out the system gunk and much more.

Bangin’ Your Productivity returns this week with one of my favorite new calendar / task tools. I’ve been using it every day for about 5 weeks now and am loving it.

As always, lots and lots to cover so let’s do this!

What You’ll Learn

  • What common grocery-store item can help clear acne, give you clear and shiny skin, help digestion, thicken hair, detox the body, reduce inflammation and more?
  • When should you flat out stop working for a client. (And when you shouldn’t.)
  • How to transform gravity from toxic to tonic.
  • Some other interesting podcasts I listen to.
  • What do you really need for website hosting and development?
  • How much it costs to produce an episode of Bangin’ Your Business.
  • A handy new tool that combines appointments, tasks, and to-dos in a wall calendar style format. If you use Day Timers and wall calendars for this capability (you know who you are…) there’s finally a digital solution for us!
  • And the ever-present “much more.”



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