Punch Sales Fear in the Head – CLS030

By Corbin Links

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Did you know that sales fear and lack of sales confidence is one of the top problems faced by service professionals?

Most of us have this at one time or another, even when selling products. For me, it was years ago, cold calling dead lists for investment opportunities. But that’s a story for another time…

Point is, sales IS personal.

Sales IS a reflection on us.

Hearing the old “more no’s get us closer to yes” cliché doesn’t help you, right?

Nope, me either.

Fortunately, the Glengarry Glen Ross sales world doesn’t apply to us coaches. In fact that world SHOULD NEVER apply to us. If fear, foulness, and lack of ethics is our model, then we’re in real trouble. Sadly, that’s still how so many of us LOOK at sales.

Today we’re smashing past all that!

How? By getting “right” with our inner sales selves. And what better way than taking all the personal emotions, baggage, and motion-picture-induced-fear out of our inner beings and get it all down to a sales equation.

You know I love equations on this show, and yep—got one for sales too. Call it formula or equation, either way, it can help YOU get the job done. I won’t guarantee that you’ll never be hurt, or that you’ll close 100% of your deals (no one does), but you WILL kick the fear if you put it into practice.

And, you WILL see an increase in your sales if everything is done by the formula. And today I’m covering the sales fear-smashing formula in detail.

What You Will Learn

  • The full Sales Formula. This equation makes sales as clear as getting groceries, or taking your kids to school. Better yet—it removes emotion, concern, and anguish from the sales process.
  • 5 ways to build sales confidence now.
  • How and where to get real and useful target market data.
  • What TWO things are needed to make sales timing successful.
  • 5 things (minimum) your offer must have to sell over and over again.
  • Getting to “SOLD!” – And the only ONE type of “sold” there is. (Hint: it’s not a purchase order…)

Ready to smash sales fear in the face? Me too! Let’s roll…

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