Knowing Thyself, Boosting Your Business, Finding a Magic Client – CLS016

By Corbin Links

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We’re moving on to part 2 of our ongoing walk through my upcoming Coaching Business Course.

I’m super-pumped about today’s show because it’s totally different from most of my other shows. Today, we have homework AND a handout. So here’s what I want you to do:

First, right now, click over (ok, if you’re on your computer. If you’re not, then well…you know…) to You’ll see a big old signup form with the words “BIO Plan”. You want that handout for the show.

What You Will Learn

  1. Do you need a “core audience”? to start coaching? This one comes up a lot and we’re going to grapple a bit with on today’s show.
  2. Delivering OR expecting results in coaching. What’s realistic, what are you “on the hook for” when working with clients.
  3. Can or SHOULD you promise specific results?
  4. Walk through of our exclusive BIO Plan. This is content from our upcoming course, and it’s an opportunity to preview one teeny-tiny piece of it here. You’ll get instant self-improvement and awareness, clarity on your goals, what your “magic market” is, and more! (HINT: You MUST use the inline form in this article to download the BIO Plan template.)

We’ve got a lot to cover today so let’s get into it!

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