Knowing Where You Are + Doing What Works + BIG Announcement

By Corbin Links


Something completely different today…

I’m going to talk a bit personal, a bit business, and share a big announcement later in the show—so stay tuned for it.

Recently, I’ve been doing a LOT of personal-dev training and development. (Way more than usual, in fact.) And as part of that effort, it hit me that one of the things I preach—know where you are at any given time wasn’t being followed.

Things had been so frantic with client business growth, that other areas of the business weren’t getting the right levels of attention. And I was completely out of step with ‘knowing where I was’. (Not a good place to be in life or business.)

I’ll share a bit of that discovery today’s episode and along with it, and a very practicable 5-Point Framework To Always Know WHERE You Are—And What To Do About It

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What You Will Learn

  • Why knowing where you are—exactly—physically and conceptually—is CRUCIAL to explosive growth
  • 5 “Know Where You Are and What to Do About It” Tools
  • Exactly what to track in life and business
  • The one thing that most all businesses fail at—and how NOT to do the same in yours
  • Super-BIG announcement
  • And more!

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