Are You Making These Coaching Business Pricing Mistakes? – CLS022

By Corbin Links


Do you make coaching business pricing mistakes? Bet you’ll find at least one on today’s list. (I know I did!) Let’s get that fixed up!

Today is part two of our mini series on pricing, packaging, and pricing. Last week (, I dove deep into the topics of coaching packages, pricing models: hourly, fixed, hybrid pricing and a ton of other stuff. If you somehow missed it, hit the ‘pause’ button and give CLS020 a listen.

Then come on back here!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll see yourself or at least your past self in the “don’ts” list. And hey—that’s ok. I’m sharing this information so we can all be better at pricing, selling, and delivering awesome coaching packages to our clients.

And there’s one other not-so-little thing to share:

My new course: Coaching Profits Intensive is here! I’ll be sharing links, details, and enrollment information in today’s show.


Today You Will Learn

  • 5 things to never do when pricing your services, or creating client price proposals.
  • 6 things to always do when pricing your services, or creating client price proposals.
  • Why the big grand “race to the bottom” is one you’ll never win, and don’t want to enter.
  • How your choice of clients reflects on you, your pricing, confidence, negotiation skills, and income.
  • Why walking away from money can actually MAKE you more money, and help more clients in the process.
  • What many clients forget, but you should always remember.
  • And of course—you’ll learn about where and how to take your next big business move….(hint: Coaching Profits Intensive…)

Lots to do and talk about, so let’s get it going!

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