How to Master Case Study Marketing – BYB034

By Corbin Links

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Having a new case study—or 3—is a wonderful thing. Case studies mean you are doing client business, your portfolio is growing! But now what? How do you recoup the time, money, and energy spent creating your business case study? After all, as great as case studies are, they do take time and effort that could otherwise be used on billable work.

What are some of the most effective ways to market them? In today’s part two of the business case study series, I’ll share some practical strategies you can use right now—today—to market your case studies.

More than a green, more than protein, more than plain old vitamins and minerals, it’s…..well I’ll keep you in suspense. But in today’s Bangin’ Your Health Segment, I’ll share an amazing super green leaf that has energy, power, and so much more. It’s starting to get trendy, and you may have heard of it recently, but there is a LOT to this story. We use it every day topically and in drinks, and have noticed visible differences. Stay tuned…

And in today’s Productivity Segment, I’ll share a couple of inexpensive, but creative ways to extend your monitor real estate and get some of that “multi-monitor productivity” – but without the 2nd monitor. I use a variation of this highly portable setup when traveling, and it’s a strong productivity boost. Can’t wait to share it with you.

In fact, there’s so much to share that we should just do it. Let’s go!

What You Will Learn:

  • 10 field-tested strategies to take your case study marketing to new levels.
  • Step-by-step guide to market your business case study for maximum results.
  • What not to do when marketing your business case studies.
  • What “miracle leaf” can add protein, minerals, energy, vitality, vigor and more to your life.
  • A simple, yet powerful 3-ingredient recipe for a super skin balm.
  • How to create an inexpensive, but portable and travel-friendly multiple monitor setup.
  • A full update on everything that’s been happening at BYB HQ.


  1. Part One of the Two-Part Series on Business Case Studies
  2. Join the Bangin’ Your Business VIP List
  3. Duet Display – Get that second-monitor experience on the go, and boost your productivity. Or, watch the demo on their site.
  4. Amazing Aloe

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