Power Strategies for Business Cost Management – CLS042

By Corbin Links


The business cost management episode is finally here!

If you’ve been with the show for a while (thank you), or brand new (welcome!), you’ve heard a lot about clients this, business that, and productivity that.

But what about cost management and containment? After all, aren’t there only 3 ways to improve the bottom line:

  1. Spend less
  2. Make more
  3. Make more AND spend less (which is usually an inverse relationship, and topic for another time)

I’ve covered the “make more” part in many previous episodes. (No worries—I’ll be coming back to that again and again.) Today is about the “spend less” side of the equation.

Really successful businesses have a LOT of money coming in, AND make sure it’s ALWAYS more than what’s going out!

I know, I know…we all think we know this—but the majority of new businesses, and especially startup business, operate on the “let’s stay in the red long enough to build a business, then shoot into the black.”

And yes, sometimes that strategy DOES work. But mostly—not so much. And since we’re ALL about building a strong, well-founded business from day one, that includes strong cost management and cost containment.

So get out your virtual ledgers, notebooks, and comfy earbuds and let’s hit it!

What You’ll Learn

  • The 4 things business costs must be to support stability and growth
  • Why cheap is NOT always best for your bottom line
  • Why the most expensive is NOT always the best for your bottom line
  • The real deal on whether the model of outsourcing everything that isn’t tied down is always worth it
  • 6 Supercharged Cost Containment Strategies (in detail, in depth)

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