Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple. We respect your privacy and confidentiality as our own and will not display, divulge, or transfer your personal and private information, except in the following cases:

  • Compliance with court orders or legal mandates. (I.e. we must be legally forced to do so via full due process of US Law.)
  • To protect our property, should physical or legal circumstances warrant it.
  • When you have given us explicit permission to share specific pieces of information with a partner or affiliate. Our partners and affiliates must hold themselves to the same policies.

Data that we collect is used solely for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, unless otherwise explicitly stated elsewhere in this site.

How we collect information: collects two forms of electronic information: e-mail and web-based forms. Information collected is self-evident, and restricted solely to the purposes stated during collection. We collect no more or less information than is required to satisfy your request, and provide you with stellar service. Additionally, we collect information via the traditional communication channels such as telephone, postal mail, and fax. The same rules apply–we never share our data with third parties, keep only what we need, and securely destroy all non-pertinent information.

What information is collected

To conduct our business, and provide you with world-class service, we collect the following types of information:

  • Address and contact information, including postal, fax, telephone, and electronic mail addresses.
  • General (non-identifiable) Industry and business demographic information, such as business type, industry, number of employees, IT infrastructure, etc.
  • Other data, as necessitated by the requirements of our projects. Data requirements and disclosure requests for proposed project work are fully communicated up front, prior to the collection of that data.

How we use collected information

  • To carry out the terms of our service contracts and agreements
  • E-mail addresses are used to communicate project details, and–with an explicit opt-in subscription–delivery of newsletters and information about our company to registered subscribers
  • To complete product and service orders, such as the sale of web hosting, web design templates.
  • Provide quotations and service estimates
  • It should be assumed, but we will expressly state it so here, that purchases and informational inquiries placed with will, by their very nature, require the collection of some personally identifiable information.
  • From time to time, we may publish non-personally identifiable, aggregate demographic information.

Use of “cookies” does not internally store tracking cookies. However, please be aware that partners, affiliates, or third-party services linked to may use cookies to legitimately store preference information, or information regarding an order. As staunch advocates of privacy, security, and digital identity protection, recommends that you verify the contents of each cookie that is stored on your system. Most cookies are completely legitimate, and in fact necessary for certain types of e-commerce and website transactions. However, the unscrupulous use of “tracking” cookies by some websites necessitate that the surfer always take appropriate safety measures such as anti-spyware scanning.

How we protect electronic information

At this time, no data excepting e-mail sent from or to us, and our information request forms, are stored with our Internet Service Provider. All e-mail is purged from our servers at 60-day intervals. No additional client data is stored on the ISP servers, except for registration or subscription data, which is also purged at 30 days intervals. Web-based forms used for any data collection with SSL versions 2 and 3. Payments are always processed with you directly via phone, or securely on the web via PayPal and other approved methods.

Changes to this Policy

If our policy ever changes, it will be communicated directly via this web site, in the text of our client contracts and in electronic mail to registered recipients. Such communications will be immediate. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy Document.